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Nepenthes Tissue Culture

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Send techniques/advice through our feedback form. Credit will be given.
Check the Forum for the latest info.

Nepenthes are very hard to tissue culture because of sterilization problems. If anyone has a method they use and would like to share it with the rest of us please e-mail it to me or post to the forum. We are having good success with Sarracenia using NaDCC, should work for Neps too. We are experimenting with it now.

Allmost all Nepenthes are easy to propagate through stem cuttings. For details please see Nepenthes propogation.

25-50% MS with Vitamins and micro/macro nutrients
1-4 ml/L BAP (1mg/ml) for shoot growth
½-1.5 ml/L IBA (1mg/ml) for rooting
25g sucrose
PH in the 5.5 - 5.68 range


This is the hard part, you can try this sterilization technique. You should have some success.

Alchohol dip & swirl | 5 min 10% peroxide | 45 min 10% bleach | 15 min rinse | 4 hrs in 5% PPM - Transfer to media without rinsing.

Make the 5% PPM the same way as the 1-50 PPM (2%) except 50ml MS/2.5ml PPM, or any mix that makes 5% PPM

As mentioned, NaDCC will work best for sterilization. See the forum for details and to ask for help.

PPM Calculator <-- Takes you to the sterilization page where the PPM Calculator is, easily calculate PPM %

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